Would you be surprised to hear that there really aren’t any health goals you can achieve without it?

The above question may seem extreme, but the simple truth is, you just cannot get healthy without eating healthy.

You can exercise from the time the rooster crows until...

I know, I know it seems like everyone these days is sensitive to gluten, or going gluten free.

I truly thought nothing of gluten until we removed it from our diet due to my sons tummy and asthma issues.

Soon I noticed my joints weren't as sore, I wasn't as tired (even th...

It can happen to all of us!

Are you doing everything right, eating well, exercising but the weight or inches just aren't budging?

Check out these 3 tips below ....

1) Change up your fitness routine

Do you do the same fitness routine day after day, week after week?

Your fitn...

So a few years ago I had never heard of quinoa before, let alone cook with it! Now it is a big part of our diet, and given its health benefits I am glad!

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah – I am telling you this as I had no idea) is an edible seed that is loaded with many imp...

Lower back pain can be debilitating!

These days we all sit too much, often hunched over a keyboard or a smart phone.

Doing these 7 stretches daily can really help.

Hold each of these stretches for 30 seconds.

1) Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back, with your spine in a neutr...

You are going out for dinner tonight and instead of being excited you are in tears ....

Has this ever happened to you?

This has happened to me so many times. I have stood at my wardrobe looking through all my clothes in tears because nothing will hide the bulge in my tum...

Sleep – we all need it, but sometimes we are all so busy that we start burning the midnight oil and don’t get enough!

But how does that affect our health?

Well for one, according to the research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine sleeping less than seven hours...

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