10 Tips towards a healthier lifestyle

Eating better doesn’t have to be complicated!

Here are 10 simple and easy nutrition tips to get you on the right road towards a healthier lifestyle!

If you still feel overwhelmed, bring in one new tip each week.

Consistent small steps are much easier to maintain, than a big change all at once.

Tip 1 Choose whole foods more often:

Fruits, veggies, whole grains, and high fiber carbohydrates vs. heavily processed food products.

Tip 2 Eat a rainbow often: don’t eat the same fruits and vegetables daily. Make it a habit to try something new and different


Include a lean protein source with each meal. These include: lean cuts of red meat, turkey, chicken (no skin), fish, cheese and dairy products, beans, legumes, tofu, and eggs.

Tip 4 Eat healthy fats - just watch the serving size.

These would include olive oils, nuts, fish and avocados.

Tip 5 Eat breakfast EVERY day! No excuses. Something small is better than nothing.

Download all the steps in pdf format here:


Eat smaller portions more often.

Dividing your calories between 3 meals and 1 - 2 snacks can help boost your metabolism, keep you filling full and prevent overeating.

Tip 7 Stay hydrated! Choose water over sodas and coffee to save calories and optimize your performance.

Tip 8 Don't waste your workout - have a post-workout recovery meal involving a protein and a carbohydrate. Having the protein with the carbohydrate to soften the effect the carbs have on your blood sugar levels.

Tip 9

Supplement wisely - fuel first through foods, supplement second! Choose to eat a diet that is well rounded and varied; Take that multivitamin as an insurance policy.

Tip 10 Sleep - aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Doing so will leave you feeling well rested and help you to make better food choices each day.

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