My goal is to help moms reach their health and fitness goals, because YOU deserve it!

Moms deserve to feel confident and happy.

Moms deserve to get in shape and feel empowered.

Moms deserve to be healthy, because I believe healthy Moms make happy kids.

Trust me busy mom, you are NOT alone! I am here to help you.

Katrina Oakley


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Diastasis Recti
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I find you to be an inspiration. You saw a need and not only filled it, but educated yourself and became a role model. I believe that the fact that you give your help and knowledge, to a point, freely to anyone who needs it makes you also selfless.

Rebecca Tompkins

Throughout this 4 week programme I have seen the best results in terms of healing my dr of any programme I have tried over the last 2 years. Katrina is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and presents information, that could be very confusing, in a manageable way. I am so glad I discovered Katrina’s programmes and will recommend them to anyone who needs support healing their diastasis.

Fab videos and a wealth of advice - someone who actually listens and takes these issues affecting so many seriously! Thank you Katrina

Sarah Emma Wyatt

Kate Hadley


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