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Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Programs

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Diastasis Recti Programs
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Beginner Diastasis Recti Program


A 3 week program that all Moms should do BEFORE starting any other fitness program.

Teaches you how to connect with your deep core system and start doing diastasis corrective exercises to help regain a functional core

8 week Progression


With this program, you will not only work on your diastasis with "ab" exercises but focus on your whole body.

Release your Hip Flexors, Help tight rounded shoulders, Strengthen your entire body with weights.

Diastasis is not an "ab" issue it is a full body issue - and this program will step your through the whole process day-by-day.

Pelvic Floor Freedom


Tight or weak pelvic floor?

Then this is the place to start!

In this program, we don't just focus on the pelvic floor.

I look to give you long term results.

You will get to:

- UNDERSTAND your body

- LEARN to coordinate the pf and the rest of your core (yes you will work on your DR as well)

- Regain mobility - hip and thoracic especially

- Activate and strengthen your glutes.


Along with the stand-alone programs I have TWO subscription sites.

The Circle of Confidence - is a FULL SUPPORT subscription, that includes ALL my programs as well as Live workouts (and the replays), daily support via a private app, Office hours once a month, and much, much more.

This is only opens for new members at certain times a year.

Confident Fitness 4 Moms - is a subscription site with a huge variety of Diastasis safe workouts. There are workouts for every level - from beginner to advanced as well as everything from Core and pelvic floor to Mobility, weights and HIIT - new workouts are added weekly. There are calendars to follow - you will never be bored or feel restricted due to your diastasis in the workouts you can do.

Circle of Confidence

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Confident Fitness 4 Moms

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Posture Programs
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