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Hi, I'm Katrina,


A certified postpatrum corrective exercise specialist and posture specialist, who helps moms around the world to regain a functional core.

My own experience with diastasis recti is what has made me so passionate about helping other moms around the world.

I was left in pain, struggling to understand why I still looked pregnant when my friends did not, feeling alone and worst of all given bad advise from medical professionals which ended up making my diastasis much worse NOT better.

I now dedicate hours a day helping other moms not make the same mistakes I did, providing them with the knowledge on how to help themselves.

So they don't feel as confused as I was.

If you haven't already, please join my free diastasis recti workout support community HERE and find support with thousands of other moms from around the world to help you on this journey (no matter how far postpartum you are).

Now let me share my story with you (it is in bullet point form as it is long ;) )


  • I am lucky enough to have 3 wonderful children (10, 8 and just turned 4 - 2018 ages), my last is what caused my diastasis (though I may have had it prior)

  • After my last baby I had an umbilical hernia and a tummy that would not go down - this is me 6 months postpartum




  • At this point not knowing about DR I started beachbody programs. I also made the crazy decision to go into the lottery for the New York Marathon and I hadn't run in over 2 and a half years since my miscarrage previously.

  • I had my hernia repaired - instead of 1 hour it took them over 3 hours because there was a "GAP" so they had a lot of issues with the repair - no diastasis was mentioned, just that there was a gap and I may want to think about surgery for that ...

  • After my recovery, I found I had been drawn to run the NY marathon so I started training. The more I ran the more my back hurt.

  • I ended up in physio twice a week and the chiro once a week for months during my training.

  • In Nov 2015 I ran the NY marathon and completed it!

  • I had also started doing research on DR by this point. Initially I thought if I stopped running and did corrective exercises my DR would sort itself out.

  • But it didn't, I was still on pain meds everyday, I couldn't stand for long, I couldn't lift, and in the morning I couldn't move because my back had seized.

  • I finally got a scan and they confirmed arthritis, in my back - my doctor was actually shocked she said it was like an 80 year olds back.

  • I kept working on my diastasis and researching and at this point realizing I had done everything wrong and wondering why none of the physios, and doctors I had seen ever mentioned this!

  • No matter what I did my back was getting worse and my diastasis wasn't changing. I started wondering if my back could be better if I could have fix my alignment and breathing and whether that would help my diastasis more ...

  • For me the turning point was one morning in the end of 2016 when my daughter woke up vomiting and yelling for me and I couldn't move, my back had seized (this was normal for me but when your child is sick and screaming that 2 mins to get moving seems like an eternity). My husband went to comfort her whilst I was trying to move.  This moment started my research on surgery to see if it might help my back.

  • The surgeon I asked said "maybe" but the ladies in the surgery groups said their back pain reduced when they gained core function. After a year of consistent, specific exercises my diastasis was still 4 fingers and 2 knuckles deep, and I was still on pain meds everyday. My husband and I decided it was worth surgery, if I could get some pain relief because if it was like this now what would it be like when I was 80!

  • I had surgery early 2017 - nearly 12 months ago now and I have needed pain meds only 4 times since!

  • YES I still get back pain (much less though)
    YES I still bloat if I eat sugar or gluten - food sensitives aren't fixed by surgery. If you have a sensitivity you just don't show it as much outward - but it hurts a whole lot more!
    YES I still only do DR safe exercises though advanced ones like planks and mountain climbers and yes I had to build up to them starting with breathing and heel slides.

  • This is  IMPORTANT to note surgery can re-open IF you do the wrong exercises afterwards. You still need to know what exercises you should and shouldnt do, and you need to progress to the more traditional core work and cardio.
    I will NEVER do crunches or sit-ups again - my surgeon advised against them as they put too much pressure on your abdominal wall and are bad for your back

  • Remember this is major surgery and as with any surgery, has risks.
    But, YES I would do it again, if I was in the same situation

  • And that is why I now spend over 3 hours a day in Facebook groups helping other women, giving my time as much as I can to help others NOT make the same mistakes I made.
    EVERYONE should know about diastasis, they should know what can help and what can make it worse.
    EVERYONE should know exercises CAN help, but also this is a chronic injury and just like all chronic injuries, some people may require surgery.

I hope in someway my story has helped you.


Please know that I have seen people who have a 10 finger gap multiple knuckles deep regain a functional core and others with a smaller gap not, BUT you don't know until you try and consistently work at it.

Do give it your best shot, but if you decide on surgery that is a choice for you to make, don't let anyone make your feel bad about that. But also don't feel like that is your only option, and please reach out if you have any questions.

If you want to take your recovery to the next stage, help your alignment and give yourself the opportunity to regain a functional core check out my different programs now

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