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Which Program is Right for You

WHICH PROGRAM - Is right for you?

Because everyone is different, and everyones diastasis is different I get questions about this every day.


Diastasis is a full body issue, just doing corrective core work is not always going to result in a functional core.


You also need to work on your breathing, alignment and your everyday movements, because of this I have done a video to explain the different programs, what is the difference and which one suits who.

Or, if you prefer to read



The best place to start is the FREE beginners core program and the Diastasis Recti fundamental program.



These are designed to work together, you work on your core 5 days a week, walking for cardio and then go through the fundamental program to add in breathing exercises, glute exercises, back exercises and learn how to do everyday movements safely as you are working on your core.

This ALLOWS you to get the best possible start for your core (including your pelvic floor).

Correcting DR isn't just about core work for 20 mins a day, and it isn't just about losing weight.


Regaining a functional core is a full body change, as well as changing how you go about everyday activities.
20 mins of core work a day is not going to help you regain a functional core if for the other 23 hours and 40 mins you are putting pressure on your diastasis through sub-optimal breathing patterns and alignment.


You need to progress, doing the same movements week after week is not going to get your stronger - you need to progress your core work.

Consider the belly blast program (which includes the intermediate and advanced core work).

BUT if you haven't seen an improvement in your core after 3 weeks of the beginners program - you NEED to check your alignment, your ribs and your breathing in your every day moves.


  • Are your ribs wider than 90 degrees?

  • Do your ribs flare forward?

  • Do you get a 360 degree breathing pattern?

  • Upper back and neck tension/ pain?

  • Shallow or belly breathing pattern?

  • Sling your hips forward?

  • Anterior pelvic tilt?

  • Tension just under your ribs?

  • leaking?

Get the Foundational program and get the basics right - that way you can help yourself progress further with your core work, rather than work against yourself all the time.



This is often from imbalances in your muscles that support your pelvis.

The hip flexor program tests each muscle group and allows you to create a program that will work for YOU.

When your core is weak your need to stabilize your pelvis from below and your hip flexors support your back to keep you upright, this pulls them tighter and causes and anterior pelvic tilt, which in turn puts pressure on your diastasis and lower back.

I have different program packages that will save you money if you feel you need more than one - so check out the options here:

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