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Am I ready for Tall Planks?

As your Diastasis Recti is starting to close, your middle area is getting firmer, and you have your breathing under control, you may start thinking about moving to some forward loading exercises such as a plank.

The first step in this is the Tall Plank (or Wall Plank) - but how do you know if you are ready for this progression?

In this video I explain how to check if you are ready. I suggest (if possible) to set up a side on video of you doing it so you can see if any doming occurs.


When in the tall plank, keep your chin tucked (a fist width gap between chin and body), relax as you inhale and as you exhale bring your pelvic floor up and rib cage down.

When checking, you are making sure your center stays firm. If it changes as you go down the wall, then you are not yet ready for Tall Planks.


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