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Plank Progression - from Tall Plank to Full Front Loading Plank

As your Diastasis Recti is starting to close, your middle area is getting firmer, and you have your breathing under control, you may start thinking about moving to some forward loading exercises such as a plank.

The first step in this is the Tall Plank (or Wall Plank) - but after you have mastered that you may want to up the intensity.

In this video I explain how to check if you are ready, and the progression you should go through before going to a full plank position.

At each step you will want to check to make sure you are ready before moving onto the next step by checking your diastasis.

Remember in in any plank position you want to relax as you inhale and as you exhale bring your pelvic floor up and rib cage down. Keep your core engaged the full time you hold your plank breathing fully as you do so.

The progression from a Tall plank to a full plank should take 4 or more weeks, and I don't recommend you start until your diastasis is at a 2.5 and the depth when engaged is shallow (less than your first knuckle)  

Before starting this plank progression you should have completed BOTH the:


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