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Picking up you child or objects off the floor safely

Back pain, especially lower back pain is common with Diastasis Recti.

But did you know how you are picking up your children or objects off the floor could be both making you back pain worse AND your diastasis worse!

Check out these tips for picking up your children without putting extra pressure on your back or abdominal wall.

This is a 4 minute overview of the key points, to see the full video go HERE

Make sue you take the 4 minutes to watch this video, it could make all the difference both for your back AND for your DR closing!

Additional Resources

Are tight hip flexors stopping you diastasis recti from healing?

Hip flexors play a huge role in Diastasis Recti healing because of the pulling it does on the abdominal wall.


Check out this article for some great hip flexor stretches to do to help

7 "must do" stretches for lower back pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating!

Doing these 7 stretches daily can really help.

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Check out the full length video here:

Full video
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