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The secret to living a healthier lifestyle

If there’s one “secret” I have to living a healthier lifestyle, it’s the importance of planning ahead. Have you ever heard the saying “if you fail to plan, plan to fail?” I can’t stress enough how true this statement is.

How many of you have done one of the following before:

1. Went to practice or the gym right after school/work starving because you forgot to pack a snack?

2. Came home after a long day at work or school, without eating anything since lunchtime…and being so hungry you eat half your pantry before even starting to cook dinner?

3. Hit snooze too many times or slept until the very last second, causing you to run out of time to prepare anything for breakfast?

4. Told yourself on a Sunday or Monday-“I’m going to eat healthy this entire week!”…Then the weekend comes around and you had