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3 tips to help you feel confident in a bathing suit

Mom at a beach with her child

Everyone deserves to feel confident in a bathing suit, and nothing should get in the way of moms making memories with their children at the beach or pool ESPECIALLY not your own confidence! While of course eating healthier and getting active is important to your health, I want you to know that you can rock a bathing suit literally whenever you want.

Your body is awesome and does so much for you. It deserves to be flaunted, if that's what you want! And, no six-week juice cleanse, hot yoga retreat, or detox plan is required for you to love your body.


In this post I am sharing with you 3 tips that you can do TODAY to help you feel more confident in your bathing suit.

Don’t let the upcoming summer fill you with dread, instead embrace it, have fun and enjoy these coming summer days with your family and friends.


Tip 1

Move and stretch on the morning of the day you will be wearing your bathing suit.

You know how good you feel after doing a good stretch or workout, it lifts your spirit and makes you feel better.

It also elongates your muscles, helps your posture and starts your day with a positive outlook.

Stretching in the morning, yoga


Set aside 10-30 minutes the morning you will be wearing your bathing suit (ideally you would do this every morning) to do some Yoga, stretching or a gentle workout and start your day off right.

Interested in Yoga, but hesitant to try a class?

Learn Yoga in your own home with this FREE 3 week course.


Tip 2

Own it!

Allow yourself to go out and have fun.

There are always people of all sizes at the beach and pool and those people who are smiling, laughing and having fun aren’t always the ones with the perfect body, but they are the ones that people are attracted too and want to be around.

So instead of hiding and feeling left out and miserable, tell yourself you are there to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Smile and laugh, run and jump and make memories with your kids because the only people looking at you are those that want to be just like you!

Mom in creek with children


Next time you head to the beach or pool, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself. Tell yourself that you deserve to have fun, that you are beautiful inside and out and this year you are not missing out!


Tip 3

Find a bathing suit that you feel comfortable in and is flattering to your body shape.

There are so many different bathing suits for sale these days, go and try some on until you find something that you love. That is so YOU, that you can’t wait to show it off.

You don’t have to wear a bikini, you can do swimming shorts and a top, or a tankini. Personally I wear the cutest little swimming skirt, which I love!

The website: is a fantastic site for inspiration. They have models of every size wearing their bathing suits so you can see what type of bathing suit would suit your size and shape best so you know where to start!


Go shopping and find something that makes you feel amazing and want to wear it


So this year I am going to make memories with my kids. Head out to the beach, run and jump with them in the waves. Not worry about what other people think, because making memories and showing my kids that their mom is ready to have fun, is confident and happy is more important to me than what other people think, and that my thighs jiggle when I jump!


What about you?

Are you going to make memories this year, or let your self-consciousness hold you back?

Comment below if this article has helped you, or if you have any other ideas to share.

And if this article did help, please share it with your friends and let it help them too!



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