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Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you reach for that chocolate bar

Happy Hump Day!

This is about the time when I start finding it harder to stay on track, my motivation starts to waver, and the weekend is starting to draw closer.

On days when i find it hard to stay on track with my eating, these are some of the questions that I have started to ask myself before I go and grab something out of the cupboard!


Am I hungry?

Seems like a silly question, because you're eating, so you must be hungry, right?

Many times we reach for food out of:

  • Boredom,

  • Convenience (the bag of chips was open),

  • Depression (chocolate to drown your breakup sorrows),

  • happiness (to celebrate a promotion), or

  • desire (who could pass up the amazing brownies your friend baked).

But if we recently ate, then we're not even hungry. So before you give in to that craving make sure you're due for a snack or meal before sitting down