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Sneaky Tricks Brands Use to Create Deceiving Food Labels

So, you’re trying to get healthier and you’re probably paying closer attention to what you eat.

Most people know the basics. They know that they should buy more fresh fruits and vegetables.

And last week we talked about clean eating (you can check out that blog post here).

But when it comes to reading food labels, you may be wondering where to start! And I have definitely been there, standing in the aisle holding up a can or box, feeling overwhelmed and questioning why the grocery store just can’t have all real food instead of a bunch of ingredients that seem to be in another language.

And to make matters worse many companies label their foods in a misleading way!

The more you understand what labels really mean, the better you'll be able to make healthy choices.

So lets have a look at at some of the most common MISLEADING labels out there.


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