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I need wardrobe help: What can I wear?

You are going out for dinner tonight and instead of being excited you are in tears ....

Has this ever happened to you?

This has happened to me so many times. I have stood at my wardrobe looking through all my clothes in tears because nothing will hide the bulge in my tummy.

You see with Diastasis Recti no matter how much weight you have lost, you can still look pregnant with a "mommy tummy".

In fact often the more weight you lose the worse you look!

It can be heart breaking!

You know it isn't your fault, but that doesn't help you find clothes to wear out to dinner TONIGHT!

I know how you feel! I have collated different styles of clothes and tips that can help you feel sexy but still hide that "mommy bulge" no matter where you are going out.


Tips for Dressing a "Mommy Tummy"

1) Wear a push-up bra

This one actually came from my husband! He said it looked worse when my tummy was bigger than my boobs.

So if you don't have any boobs invest in a good push up bra!


2) Choose tops with ruching or drape

This can take the focus away from your stomach and up to your neck line. Draping can totally hide your belly whilst still looking stylish


3) If you find something you LOVE buy it in every color

It isn't always easy to find something you are comfortable in, and love. So if you do invest in more than one - you won't be sorry!

This is one of my favorite tops, and yes I got it in each color!


4) Look for tops that "skim" rather than "cling"


5) For dresses A-line or empire line dresses work best

As they come in tight under the bust & flare out from there.


6) A dark top or dress with a light colored jacket or cardigan over the top

Is a slimming combination.


7) Tops that are fitted around the bust and flows below

Remember tip 1 for this one as well


8) High waisted pants and tight fitting tank

I found wearing a tight fitting tank or camisole under everything and high waisted underwear/jeans or yoga pants.


Do you have any other tips? If you do please comment them below.

And if this article helped, please share it with your friends and let it help them too!

Take care, because you deserve it! Katrina



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